Corporate Compliance

Compliance with rules outside the traditional GxP field such as compliance with advertising rules and payments to health care providers (HCP) are becoming increasingly important for companies.


For instance, under the influence of the US Sunshine Act and similar legislation in other countries (e.g. Italy), strict rules about what can be legally paid to HCPs and how to document and report these payments must be implemented by all companies. Noncompliance with these rules can result in very expensive fines and even penal prosecution.


How can Widler & Schiemann assist you with your Corporate Compliance priorities?
Widler & Schiemann have had, with their previous employers, central roles in defining the systems’ requirements, performing a risk analysis and defining and roll-out of processes for health care compliance. They were also key contributors to companies’ multi-faceted sustainability efforts and initiatives.

Widler & Schiemann will work with your management and experts to identify your obligations and requirements for a Corporate Compliance policy and approach, and design effective implementation plans.

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