EMA Annual Report 2020 Published

On 14 June 2021 the EMA published its 2020 annual report.

This 2020 annual report provides an overview of the EMA’s major achievements and contributions to public health in Europe.

The digital report outlines the most important highlights of the evaluation and monitoring of human and veterinary medicines, the European medicines regulatory network’s rapid response to COVID-19, and a high-level overview of key figures. The narrative is complemented by an interactive timeline of EMA’s main activities in 2020 that allows users to explore each topic in more depth, for example through additional audio-visual materials, infographics, videos and documents.

In 2020, EMA and its partners within the European medicines regulatory network had to adapt processes to ensure a rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic while maintaining core regulatory activities to protect public and animal health in the EU. The report details EMA’s work during the pandemic and highlights key lessons learnt in 2020.

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