European Guidelines on ePrescriptions

Guidelines on ePrescriptions were adopted by the European eHealth Network on 18th November 2014

Today at the 6th meeting of the eHealth Network in Brussels, chaired by Austria and co-chaired by the European Commission, guidelines on ePrescriptions for the purpose of interoperability between Member States were adopted.

National health systems are moving towards electronic systems for medical prescriptions. The Commission and EU countries have a common goal to ensure that these electronic prescriptions can be used safely in another Member State. This is why the eHealth Network, made up of all 28 EU countries and chaired by the Commission, has been working jointly on ePrescriptions.

The guidelines lay out the type of data needed to share prescriptions across borders. They also describe how the data should be transferred, provided the patient gives his or her consent to use the ePrescription service. The guidelines can be used by Member States on a voluntary basis.

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