E19 A Selective Approach to Safety Data Collection in Specific Late-Stage Pre-Approval or Post-Approval Clinical Trials

5 December 2022 – the FDA published final ICH E19 guidance for industry.

This guidance is intended to provide internationally harmonized guidance on the use of selective safety data collection that may be applied in specific pre-approval or post-approval late-stage clinical trials. Selective safety data collection refers to the reduced collection of certain types of data in a clinical trial after thorough consideration of factors that would justify such an approach. By tailoring the method and streamlining the approach to safety data collection, it may be possible to carry out clinical trials with greater efficiency. This may facilitate the conduct of large-scale efficacy and safety clinical trials with large numbers of participants and long-term follow-up. In all circumstances in which the use of selective safety data collection is considered, it is important that the welfare of every trial participant is safeguarded.

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